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Cloud Centrall (SaaS)

Channel Call Management, It is a service enabling establishments rendering service in more than one place, branch, store or sales point to centrally inspect and manage their call traffic in distributed structure.

You cannot manage unless you measure

Owing to this system all data, primarily how many calls came, how many of them were replied, how long callers waited on line until calls were replied, can be instantly traced.

Rise Your Call Incomes

Companies taking the advantage of Channel Call Management service decrease the number of missing calls. Thus they minimize customer satisfaction and income loss resulting from calls they missed.

No software, No hardware, No installation or maintenance!

How many calls are coming to our branches?

You did not know how many calls came to stores and branches!
You did not know how many incoming calls to store and branches were replied!
You did not know why customers called stores and branches!

What is the content of incoming calls?

You were not able to record demand calls coming from customers!
You were not able to make effective voice records!
You were not able to manage customer demands from single center!

What is the rate of missing calls?

You were not able to reply all incoming calls!
You were not able to get calling reports of incoming and outgoing calls!
You were not able to reduce costs with Self-service applications!

Are we able to render qualified service?

You were not able to apply smart diversion strategies!
You were not able to measure the quality of interactions that Service/Branch employees established with customer on the phone!


  • All calls coming to branches are recorded, calls not replied are diverted to Call Center.
  • Self-Service applications can be defined
  • Welcome menu peculiar to branch
  • Working hours application
  • Elimination of need of pysical central
  • CRM , Social media and Webcall Integration
  • Voice record is made, can be opened for services with web interface, calls can be recorded and saved either in shared cloud or servers in the location of company.
  • Unlimited IVR definition opportunity
  • Alternative diversion
  • Call Center calls services with short code in a cost-free way.
  • Ownership of lines, thus of communication channel
  • Web Reporting

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Başak Taşpınar
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Başak Taşpınar
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“ AloTech activated our operations in 8 different locations, with all announcements, IVR, integration and customization within 10 days. They are really expert of this job. ”
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“ We have activated flexible, fast and customizable solutions through AloTech with no investment. It was the right decision to prefer AloTech Cloud. ”
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