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Cloud Centrall (SaaS)

Cloud Central (Cloud PBX), offered by AloTech, is a service model through which you can have all features of a physical telephone central with the method of “pay as you go” without buying any hardware.

Unified Communication ( uC)

Through Cloud Central (Cloud PBX), you can transfer calls with your company number to any device having internet access, and integrate your incoming or outgoing calls with Skype or Click-to-Call.

Voice Record and Reporting

By using our services, you can have, without making any investment, all basic functions such as voice welcome, leaving voice mail, transfer diverting and all systems, primarily voice record and detailed reporting, offered by developed centrals.

Advantages you will have thanks to Cloud PBX

Voice Record

Voice Record and Reporting. detail reporting and voice records of all incoming calls to, and outgoing calls from, all numbers and extensions, and of those missed, not answered, diverted are kept.

Auto Provisioning

Zero Touch Configuration and Auto Provisioning, fast site installation with the features in IP Telephones, and low operating and maintenance costs due to remote control.

IP Telephones

IP Based Architecture, The whole system operates on next generation technologies as being completely compatible with IP.


Voice Response System IVR, you can form complex menu systems with the opportunity of formation of unlimited IVR tree.

Web Reporting

Management through Internet, all administrative and reporting interfaces can be accessed via html5 based computers, tablets and smart phones.

IP Dect / Mobile

Opportunity to connect IP Dect, Mobile internal usage is carried out owing to the opportunity of connecting IP Dect having wireless feature.

API Integrations

Integration with 3rd Party software and platforms, continuity in technology processes thanks to integration with other software owing to API support.


Skype,Click-to-Call, webRTC Integration. Easy and fast integration with other sound applications.


IVR Welcome
  • Welcome Menus
  • Smart Call Diversion
  • Call Capture
  • Hunt Group Formation
  • Internal Keying
  • Interference, Line up
Voice Record
  • Function of alive voice record of all incoming/outgoing calls to Call Center
  • Alive call listening and tracing
  • Shift and holiday applications
  • Message box
Online Management
  • Web Reporting
  • Web Self Service
  • Call Center Integration
  • Call Duration Limiting
  • Auto Call Last Number
  • Seeing Status Information
Automatic Diversion
  • Hold on music
  • Parking
  • Message leaving
  • Warning busy subscriber
  • Internal subscriber groups
  • External line access groups

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Başak Taşpınar
“ AloTech helps us grow our business easily and provides easy reporting features through its clear interface. They are the new generation call center we are looking for. ”
Başak Taşpınar
Gökhan Paçalı
“ AloTech activated our operations in 8 different locations, with all announcements, IVR, integration and customization within 10 days. They are really expert of this job. ”
Gökhan Paçalı
Müşteri Hizmetleri Müdürü, Teknosa
Selcen Uyguntüzel Aydın
“ We have activated flexible, fast and customizable solutions through AloTech with no investment. It was the right decision to prefer AloTech Cloud. ”
Selcen Uyguntüzel Aydın
İletişim ve Çözüm Merkezi Grup Müdürü, Vestel

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