Artificial intelligence is establishing itself in many areas today. The process of transitioning to AI at the call centers, provides crucial advantages from beginning to end. Now let’s eveluate these advantages.


The use of AI and AI-based software at call centers is a major financial advantage for companies that primarily provide call center services. It also saves you from the heavy cost of installing and operating a conventional call center. Office, office equipment, network and system installations, and necessity of staffing won’t be needed. All these benefits can provide companies to invest in other business lines.

Another important point of the AI’s advantage is solving customer problems. Predictive and analytical AI software is able to deliver faster solutions and results by scanning customer complaints from databases, much faster than conventional systems. Artificial intelligence systems that can scan data from the subjects that the customer mentions about during the phone conversation is able to solve problems faster than standard call centers. This can save a considerable amount of time on behalf of both the customer and the company.

Big Data usage, is the fastest way to predict customer needs. Increased dialogue as well allows virtual assistants to provide instant assistance. All of these services save lots of time in terms of problem solutions. Call centers developed with artificial intelligence can develop themselves with their own learning algorithms. This eliminates the need may be possible expenditure for staff training.

AloTech’s call center robot ‘AloBot’, which has been offered to customers, has managed to become the most important trump card of cloud-based call centers, thanks to its structure that embodies all these qualities. AloBot, which was recently introduced within the scope of the ‘3rd A Call from Cloud ‘event, can meet all the needs of customers without the need for additional installation or extra personnel.

Artificial intelligence support, -one of AloBot’s most important advantages, ensures 100% compatibility for all sectors. The advanced IVR system, on the other hand, has the ability to constantly learning and developing with the contribution of artificial intelligence.

In addition to standard ACD, CTI, IVR, voice recording features, integrated TTS/ASR, Wall Board, Predictive Dialer, CRM Integration, open user programming interface, live messaging interface, mobile application interface, artificial intelligence integration – AloBot, ChatBot and WebRTC you can start using all these systems with ease usage and low cost under a single system -which are not included in conventional systems and can only obtained by extra costs.

AloBot and Chatbot which can identify content in audio and written environments with the capabilities of ‘Text to Speech and Speech to Text’, use the Google Cloud infrastructure. AloBot and Chatbot systems that supported by artificial intelligence are able to deliver higher levels of customer experience at conventional call centers. This means time-saving both for companies those use the service and those who are in contact with the companies. With all these advantages, you can understand that having artificial intelligence in call centers has significant advantages in terms of companies and call centers.

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AloTech announced call center robot AloBot!
AloTech announced call center robot AloBot!
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